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Stand Your Ground, CT! (Stand With CT, MA!)

Following the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, in which deranged assailant Adam Lanza trespassed on a Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School, then murdered twenty-six people with a firearm, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed into law the most restrictive gun control measures in the country, despite the fact that the governor called them common sense reforms. Not only would the state require…

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Gun Control Bills Heard This Month – Act NOW!!!

Dozens of gun control bills are having public hearings next week and the week after.  Supporters of our right to keep and bear arms are urged to attend, if possible. Please contact your legislators and ask that they do not support Draconian new legislation that will do nothing but punish law abiding citizens who are legally, and safely, exercising their…

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Prying the Stone Tablets from Moses’ Cold Dead Hands

Prying the Stone Tablets from Moses’ Cold Dead Hands The Ten Commandments movie, starring Charlton Heston as Moses, left lifelong impressions on me since my fourth grade class was bused into Boston from Watertown to see the movie in glorious Technicolor and Panavision. I’ll never forget the leper colony scene that caused such shrieking and recoil in the balcony that…

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