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2014 Election- Massachusetts Candidates (February Edition)

(Welcome back MM – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) It’s that time of year again. February marks the start of the regular candidates filing period, and the GOP is fresh off another Campaign Training session. It’s still early, but the GOP has already publicly landed candidates for 67 legislative districts, and is slightly ahead of the pace at this…

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Quick thoughts on the Polito pick for LG

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) It’s official Charlie Baker has picked former state rep Karyn Polito as his running-mate. Some quick observations: 1) The ticket is a pretty good fit geographically. Western MA voters should be happy.

2) Polito did reasonably well in 2010 in her unsuccessful run for state Treasurer against Steve Grossman. She also has…

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Core Competencies First, Please

MAGOP Chair Nassour has barely issued her announcement that she would be stepping down in October to prepare for the birth of her third child, congratulations!, and to provide time for the incoming interim chair to get ready for the all important 2012 elections when the names began flying.  Here we have a Blute, there we have a Polito and…

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State 401K costs more?

One thing that is lost in the debate over moving state employees from pensions to 401Ks is that it may actually cost the state more money! Why? State employees do not contribute to Social Security.  As a result, the state does not pay the approximately 6% employer contribution (about 4% in 2011).  When you compare the cost of 6% x…

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Let’s Put a Limit on Legislative Terms

(Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  King Sal served for 3 decades.  Nice job. – promoted by DD4RP) Hi RMG readers, I just wanted to make you aware of a proposal I filed today to put 12-year term limits on state legislators in Massachusetts. Please check out the press release I just sent out to the media, along with a copy of…

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