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Building our Party from here.

Since 1998, I have emailed this the day after the elections (as well as other times in the year) to Republican activists. Here it is again. 3 Things We need to Focus on as a Party #1 Focus on LOCAL elections, Selectman, School Committee City Council. They are the future higher office holders and their friend and family will bolster…

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MassGOP: Building the Foundation

Have you contributed to the Masaschusetts Republican Party?  If not, then well.. you should!  The MassGOP is building the foundation for for the future! Building the Foundation Your generous contribution has enabled us to: * Recruit, train, and support over 50 candidates * Organize over 20 candidate training schools across the state this year alone *Assist candidates in implementing voter…

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Tempest In A Teapot

Let me begin by saying that I wish no disrespect to the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate or their passionate followers. That being said, I shake my head in disappointment as I see all the passionate supporters beating each other over the head about Beatty versus Ogonowski. My reaction is that YOU ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT! The focus of…

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