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Promoting Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

Rob Eno from RedMassGroup recently wrote about RMG’s new project that will score, going back ten years, every spending and debt vote taken by Republican Legislators.  Scored will be Budget Bills, Supplemental Budget Bills, and bond bills.  Votes scored will only be on the final bills, not amendments.  Eno’s concern is that many conservative organizations focus only on opposing tax…

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Boston City Election: What’s a conservative or libertarian to do?

This morning’s Herald has a great breakdown of yesterday’s Suffolk University poll. The rich detail from the marginals show that at-large City Councilor John Connolly is ahead by 7 points over state Representative Marty Walsh. Again, what’s a conservative or libertarian to do in this race? A detailed analysis would suggest that Connolly would reap the few Republican votes…

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“The fastest retreat in ConCon history” Spineless, anti-referenda Democrats feel the heat

Barbara Anderson reports that the ConCon caved on

on a proposed amendment to dilute the Commonwealth’s initiative petition process. They folded like a broken tent. “LOL, CLT activists. The stealth attack on the initiative petition process turned into the fastest retreat in constitutional convention history. I was sure that there wouldn’t be a constitutional convention this last week of the…

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CLT: Charlie Murphy launches assault on Proposition 2 1/2

This just in: “House leadership attacks Proposition 2 1/2; Charlie Murphy, chair of Ways and Means moves to to increase property taxes without local overrides” According to CLT:

Believe it or not, in this year of voter anger and revolt, the House leadership has just released a proposal to hike property taxes over $500 million, which could be passed during…

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Citizens for Limited Taxation faces EXTINCTION

( – promoted by DD4RP) I am reposting the text of an email I received pertaining to the future of CLT; this organization deserves a better fate than death: Help save yourself — recruit a new member! to Citizens for Limited Taxation CLT information and membership  application

What CLT saves you in the auto excise tax alone

Ask your friends…

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