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R.I.P. John O’Mara, Tea Party Patriot (update)

Movement conservatives in Massachusetts and elsewhere are mourning the death of John O’Mara who led the Northborough Tea Party. He died one month shy of his 80th birthday according to reports.  A regular Friday Morning Meeting attendee, John, a conviction conservative, will certainly be missed. Details will be forthcoming but email communication among John’s friends and fellow activists suggests John’s…

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BHI Weekly Dispatch: Investment Taxes, Health Care Gamers and a Tea Party Speech in Northborough

A proposed federal Enterprise Value Tax will double taxes on business partnerships in Massachusetts, adding $611 million to the state’s federal tax burden.  As a result of the tax, the state will lose 5,400 jobs, $9.5 million in investment and $673 million in disposable income.   This is the finding of a new study, The Enterprise Value Tax:  What it

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