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Election Results November 5, 2013

Tune in here for Election Results as they become available. If you have results of municipal races involving GOP candidates please share them. The Union Machine has won in Boston.  Marty Walsh is the next Mayor of Boston. Don Humason has won Agawam 61%-39% with about 5900 votes. – MassLive.com is reporting that Humason is winning by about 2-1. Holyoke…

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Wow, I just noticed Scott Brown won 73/160 house districts

(Gabe Gomez, Charlie Baker also won in these numbers.  In 2010 Brown won close to 100 districts.  I’ve been preaching this for three years.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Like so many others, I’ve taken for granted that the Democrats have an overwhelming majority in the statehouse, and I looked at the state legislature as a lost…

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Gomez and the Hispanic Vote

Lawrence (73.8% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 27%.

Lowell (17.27% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 42%. Lawrence gave Scott Brown 34% in 2010.

Lowell gave Scott Brown 52% in 2010. In Lawrence, Scott Brown’s percentage was 26% higher than Gomez’.

In Lowell, Scott Brown’s percentage was 24% higher than Gomez’. Conclusion:  Gomez didn’t help…

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