Ask MA Legislators to Co-Sponsor House Docket 3914 to Form a Committee to Study Pancreatic Cancer

Below is a draft of an email that I sent last night to all 160 State Representatives & 40 State Senators urging them to please co-sponsor House Docket #3914, An Act Establishing a Commission to Study Pancreatic Cancer.   The House Clerk’s Office informed me that we have until Friday, June 12 to get as many co-sponsors as possible.  I’ve…

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Astro-turf UnKochMyCampus campaign explained & exposed

The National Education Association, appendage of the Democratic Party, is at the bottom of the limp campaign to drown out academic freedom around the country. It’s not enough that liberals control the purse strings and the personnel at both private and public universities. Bereft of ideas in the marketplace of knowledge, they revert to the silliness of Alinsky-like tactics —…

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Boston Establishment Totally In Bag For Steve Wynn, No Other Way to Explain It – With Poll

(“Establishment, establishment, you always know what’s best.” – Stewie Griffin – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Has anyone in the local media read the new lawsuit Marty Walsh brought against Steve Crosby?

Here’s a link to the complaint. Just read the introduction. It will blow your mind.… Walsh calls Crosby and his gangs corrupt. THAT’S BIG!! But if…

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