Prunier and Aylward mulling runs for Republican Party Chair

The Boston Globe reported this morning, as did the Boston Herald, that Chanel Prunier and Steve Aylward are both, independently, considering a run for Republican Party Chair. Baker’s camp declined to comment on the 2018 remarks. But the Swampscott Republican publicly backed Hughes for another two-year term yesterday, saying the Quincy city councilor “deserves a lot of credit” for…

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Will 2014 Emerge As A Watershed Election Year For The Bay State?

The latest edition of Commonwealth Magazine has an insightful article written by James Aloisi. He opines that this year’s state election might turn out to be a watershed moment if opportunities are seized to position Massachusetts at the forefront of economic development. However, the former Deval Patrick cabinet member issued this warning: For the Democratic Party, this is a watershed…

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Scott Lively: “Today I changed my affiliation from unenrolled to Republican.”

The Republican Party has gained a new member.… Today I changed my affiliation from unenrolled to Republican.  Starting today my role in Massachusetts (in addition to serving as pastor) will be to help the Christian conservatives take the GOP back from the RINOs.  After the first of the year I will make myself available as a motivator and organizer…

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2014 Massachusetts State House of Representatives Results

As with the Senate results, this is based upon my best knowledge of the outcome of the House of Representatives elections, relying most heavily upon The House has several very close results, so the possibility of districts flipping between now and certification does exist. Republican Seats Held

3rd Barnstable: Vieira (R-Falmouth) unopposed

5th Barnstable: Hunt (R-Sandwich) 63% def. Terry…

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