Allocation Committee makeup

The Republican State Committee voted last night to add the following 6 State Committee members to the Allocation Committee of the MA-GOP.   Top six elected:

    Kemp – 58 Case – 46 Palmer – 45 Andrulis – 40 Smiley – 37 Toohey – 33
Additionally, in keeping with the bylaws, the following people also serve:   Chair – Kirsten Hughes;  …

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Desiree Awiszio Elected Honorary Republican State Committee Member

On a motion by Republican State Committeeman Marty Lamb, and by unanimous consent, Desiree Awiszio was elected ‘Honorary Member’ of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee last night.  Desiree is the gold standard for volunteerism inside the Party.  She has served on campaigns too numerous to mention.  Some of her most recent achievements were as Deputy Campaign Manager for ‘Mike Sullivan…

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State Committee Reorg Meeting April 5, 2016

With little dissent, the term of Kirsten Hughes as Chair was extended through 2016. Ron Kaufman was re-elected by unanimous proclamation as National Committeeman. Keiko Orall defeated Chanel Prunier to become the new National Committeewoman by a vote of 41 to 37, with one blank. Angela Davis was re-appointed as Secretary.  Brendan O’Connell lost to incumbent Treasurer Brent Anderson by…

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Why You Should Care About What 80 People Do Tonight

Introduction Let’s start with what this post is NOT about:  

    It’s not about contrasting the records of the candidates. There are plenty of other posts for that. It’s not about making a last minute plea to consider one candidate over the other. It’s not about specific criticisms of anyone either elected or incumbent on the State Committee.

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Mass Taxpayers Best Ally PAC announces free Campaign School with Howie Carr

Press Release from State Committeeman Marty Lamb and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Best Ally PAC On Saturday, April 9th Republican State Committeeman Marty Lamb and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Best Ally PAC will hold a three-hour campaign school to help people run for the legislature. “As promised, I want to encourage people to run for the legislature. At this event, attendees will…

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