Todays Democrat Town Hall Update

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Looks like the new tactic being utilized by Democrats in Congress is to shut out opposition from their town hall events and only allow those friendly to their position into the event.  Using union members as screeners and slipping people through the back door, they continue to show their arrogance towards their constituents. Let’s…

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HCAN’s Marching Orders

This email has been forwarded to by an anonymous source. Verification has been provided. Page 1 From: Margarida Jorge To: HCAN Field Partners

RE: HCAN-Responding to Right-Wing Attacks in the Field – August 4, 2009 Since early February, we’ve seen increasing numbers of militant right-wing activists attending public meetings across

the country targeting Members of Congress and President Obama.…

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Mel Martinez Resigns!

According to Fox News Florida Senator Mel Martinez is resigning.  He is said to be stepping down over “family issues.”  Martinez will announce formally at a news conference today at 3 PM. Governor Charlie Crist (R) who is already running for the seat has the authority to fill the vacancy.  Major Garrett has also reported that Gov. Crist will appoint…

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MassGOP Gets Game?!

I can attest that the 2010 MassGOP gubernatorial primary & the prospect of any of our great candidates defeating Deval Patrick has led to an increased interest in Republicans, many who have never been gaged in the process before, coming out and wanting to fight for the cause. The full op-ed by Renee Loth is titled The GOP gets game

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