“Cut spending” a complete pipe dream

There is no political will or history from either party to cut spending in any meaningful way. When you understand facts like this, you see why, no matter what the candidates say, they are forced to follow the same policy as their opponent (see Obama in Iraq and Afghanistan.) As a slogan, “cut spending” is just an excuse to hate…

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Massachusettts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Marshall to retire

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) According to the Boston Globe: Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall, who led the state’s highest court as it reshaped the Western legal world with its historic ruling approving same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, announced this morning that she will retire. Marshall was appointed to the court in 1996 by Governor William Weld. In 2003,…

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“Signs” o’ the times

The Herald reports:  

http://www.bostonherald.com/ne… Gubernatorial challengers slammed Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday for blowing nearly $500,000 on road signs promoting President Obama’s stimulus projects in a campaign Republicans have blasted as wasteful partisan propaganda… These are the ubiquitous green “Project funded by the ARRA” signs that you see all over the place. I (begrudgingly) credit Cahill for the best dig–…

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