Jim McKenna Launches Campaign for Attorney General on Sunday

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Jim McKenna announces candidacy for Attorney General in Massachusetts. “Jim For AG” August 1, 2010: SUTTON- James McKenna is aiming to defeat Martha Coakley in the race for Attorney General. McKenna is planning on formally announcing his candidacy for Massachusetts Attorney General on Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 3 p.m. at Waters Farm…

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Interesting Tidbits


http://www.telegram.com/articl… WORCESTER –  Republican candidates at the Worcester County Republican Club candidates’ night were under the watchful eyes of three conservative nonpartisan political groups last night. Officials of the Worcester Tea Party, the newly formed Worcester Seven Hills Tea Party, and the Campaign for Liberty spoke at the event. Ken Mandile of the…

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The Silent Scream

There are a lot of people in the “pro-choice” community that don’t understand the “pro-life” communities objection to abortion.  If you are pro-choice and have an intellectual curiousity as to why pro-lifers believe what they do then watch this video.  It shows an abortion.   Warning it is a disturbing video and probably should not be viewed at work.…

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