One Week Left

We’re coming down to the wire, and need everyone to keep pitching in for the final stretch of our signature drive to stop our tax dollars to going to fund abortion. We are looking for everyone to do three things:

    Please keep collecting – we need to close strong this final week and weekend, to make up for any potential

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Don’t Support Queer Theory? Now You’re a Child Abuser

For years we’ve been opposing HB 1190, which would give the MA Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) the power to remove children from their parents if they received counseling for unwanted same-sex desires or gender confusion. Last night we received a phone call that the MA House of Representatives is voting on it TOMORROW! We need to urge legislators…

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Final Stretch for Pro-life Petitions

We have just 16 days left for our petition drive to Stop Taxpayer funding of abortion. We need your help to do three things:

    Sign up to volunteer by clicking here. Whether you can help collect signatures at a supermarket or assist with a drive at a church, it’s all hands on deck this last 16 days. If you

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