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Obama’s Vulture Socialism: The Delphi Case

(Wait, what, Obama cut out 20,000 people’s pensions… Because they weren’t union members?   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The Obama camp has been making some really outrageous claims about Mitt Romney’s business record including this low blow:   http://politicalticker.blogs.c…  Romney’s a vulture capitalist, or so they claim.  

Were I involved with the Romney campaign, I’d be…

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Mumbles Crumbles

How do you know a bully?  Because he runs when confronted.   Menino is a bully.  He’s been bullying businesses and political opponents for almost two decades.  And now he’s on the run.  Tom Menino is on the run from his comments that he was going to keep Chick-Fil-A out of the city of Boston.   Here’s the ‘I didn’t…

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Massachusetts Ranked 43rd Among the States in Manufacturing Investment

There has been a lot of debate here on Red Mass Group regarding the Massachusetts business climate.  To his credit, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki has chimed in as have those who view the Massachusetts business climate in a more sanguine way.   http://www.thecapitolviewlive….  I have been among the latter. My view is that the critical…

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