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Government Creates Lots of Green Jobs … For Scam Artists

The Vesuvius of cash that Washington and Europe are throwing at the climate area are creating a burgeoning industry … green energy scams. Green energy creates the perfect operating environment for such frauds.   First, you are dealing with the government.  The government is highly susceptible to scams since they are dealing with other peoples money.   Second, most of…

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Republican Turnout on Dec 8

What do you think of the turnout in yesterday’s election?  Here are some baseline numbers: 2009 GOP Primary Turnout: 162,706 2006 GOP State Primary Turnout: 85,770 2002 GOP State Primary Turnout: 254,157 In my view, Brown had it in the bag so I considered yesterday closer to the largely uncontested 2006 election (well there was Chase v. Scott) rather than…

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Cahill Campaign

The November reports are in for the Cahill campaign.  I took a look and offer some observations concerning the independent candidate in the governor’s race.   In November Cahill spent approximately $50,000.  In my view, spending provides a pretty good index of the level of activity of a campaign.   That’s less than a quarter of the expenditures of the…

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