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What We Can Learn From Gomez’s Great Klan Gaffe

There has been a lot of criticism of Gabriel Gomez’s ‘Klan’ comments here on Red Mass Group.  Such criticism is well deserved.  Mr. Gomez’s comments are not becoming of an aspirant to public office at any level let alone the US Senate. But what can readers of RMG–as GOP activists, candidates and office holders–learn from this incident?  I offer three…

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Liz Warren’s First Bill Proves She Knows Nothing About How the Financial System Works

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Massachusetts senior senator has filed her first piece of legislation.…  The legislation demonstrates that Ms. Warren knows nothing about how the nation’s financial system works.   Ms. Warren’s bill would reduce the rate on new student loans to 0.75%–the Federal Reserve’s discount rate-for one year.  Ms. Warren claims that’s the…

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