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The Future of Marriage

(Until the People of Massachusetts have the opportunity to Vote, the Marriage issue isn’t going away.  Let the People Vote! – promoted by Cool Cal) This was published recently during the debate over same-sex marriage in California. I thought it really got to the heart of the matter–that marriage is more about our responsibilities to our future generations than about…

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Should Tisei go?

(Hey Hey Ho Ho Richie Tisei has Got to Go – promoted by Cool Cal) This once again raises a major point. On many many major issues, Senator Tisei takes positions to the left of many senate Democrats, let alone Republicans. He’s more liberal than the REpublicans and Democrats, and senators such as Panagiotakos, Moore, Timilty, etc. He’s failed to…

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Marzilli Sinks Even Lower

(Wow.  Just Wow – promoted by EaBo Clipper) This was in the Herald yesterday. Apparently, Marzilli will try use the legalization of same-sex marriage in MA as a way to escape the charges against him. Apparently, since men are allowed to grab other men, there’s some sort of double standard, and the law is therefore invalid. Attorney Terrence Kennedy of…

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