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Who should have run?

I’m pretty disappointed in tonight’s results. I wasn’t impressed with Gomez during the campaign and his letter to Deval was bad and unforgiveable in my book. In fact, he was about as awful as you can get during the debates, bad on the radio, and shaky at best on policy.   I was confident Sullivan was going to win and…

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Obligatory Predictions for Tuesday Open Thread…

Here are my predictions for Tuesday. President:

I firmly believe that this is race is not as close as the media is reporting. Romney wins pretty easily and the race is called in the 10pm hour. Mitt wins Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Maine’s 2nd District. Losses Pennslyvania and Michigan narrowingly. Electoral College:

Romney 296 Obama…

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Polls in MA4?

Does anybody have any polling info on MA4? The last poll was I believe back in September. There was also a Bielat internal poll released in the summer, but nothing since. It’s a tough race no doubt, but Sean has handled himself well in these debates (as limited as they have been). 19 Days left….Go Sean! PS: As an aside,…

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Tuesday’s Election Predictions

Here’s my predictions for Tuesday… GOV

Baker 46%

Patrick 44%

Cahill 7%

Stein 3% AG

Coakley 54%

McKenna 46% Treasurer

Polito 52%

Grossman 48% Auditor

Mary Z. 56%

Bump 44% Sec of State

Galvin 58%

Campbell 42% MA 4

Bielat 53%

Frank 47% MA 5

Golnick 52%

Tsongas 48% MA 6

Hudak 51%

Tierney 49% MA 7

Markey 55%


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4th Congressional District Poll….

Just a heads up…I just recieved a call this morning from UNH Polling asking about the 4th Congressional District. Obviously, I voted for Sean Bielat. Has anyone else recieved a call from UNH? Hopefully, we’ll see a poll this week for the 4th District. My prediction: Frank 48%

Bielat 42%

Undecided/Don’t Know 10% I think having this poll shows Bielat…

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Mass Redistricting Open Thread…

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) According to several news outlets, Massachusetts is most likley to lose a congressional seat. Although, it would be good if it were to occur with the current Massachusetts delegation. However, what will happen if Perry wins in the 10th or Bielat wins in the 4th? My prediction: If the same delegation stays in…

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