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One Bailout Dilemma

( – promoted by Cool Cal) During the past several weeks, we have watched both houses of Congress posture and chest-thump — and at times, legislate — about the provisions of the so-called “bail-out.” There are a lot of things to argue about in the whole Wall Street vs. Main Street meme (a meme that I find grossly obtuse), but…

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A Bill Clinton Howler by Borowitz

Andy Borowitz, America’s equal opportunity satirist, lets this one fly about the planning of Bill Clinton’s scheduled speech to the Dem Convention: August 25, 2008 Bill Clinton’s Denver Speech to be on Five-second Delay

‘Just in Case,’ Convention Planners Say Former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Wednesday night will be broadcast on a five-second…

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Another Shoe Drops on DiMasi

( – promoted by Cool Cal) So now we discover that Sal DiMasi’s personal accountant and private lender wasn’t just working for the ticket scalpers — he was working for Cognos, the subject of the other scandal nibbling at Sal’s freedom. Also in on the deal was Sal’s long-time law associate, Steve Topazio. Software company Cognos ULC hired House Speaker…

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