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December 25th was the turning point. (Commentary)

A few days after Christmas, I was visitng my father, and he told me, “Brown is going to win, that Christmas plane thing is a maor screw up by Obama.” Coakley’s attacks this week were only to get the message of the campaign off the topic of National Security. Unfortunately, it has worked and now everyone is talking about negative…

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Open letter to stop the madness

Dear Republicans, Things are getting out of hand. At first I found it amusing and interesting, now it is just getting out of hand. I am sad to say, this is worse than I ahve seen it in any previous cycle.   I have had Ward and Town Committee Chairs and members calling me worried sick about being challenged by…

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Who is ruining the MASSGOP?

Open thread, no list, no poll, just all of your opinions open and honest. Let’s face it, nothing is going to change until we identify the problem, and even one winning cycle, caused more by the economy than phantom party building, wont last more than 2 years. (Heck, it didn’t in 1992!) No rules, but two suggestions. 1. Must include…

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