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Video: Is it time to Repeal Neal?

Our citizen to citizen movement has been speaking out about Richard Neal and his 22 year reign in Congress. Our volunteers are featured in many of our videos because that is what this campaign is about (you!).   Have you made the promise to mobilize your friends to the polls? Visit right now and help us get our supporters…

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Senator Brown’s Endorsement

I want to thank Senator Scott Brown for endorsing this campaign in the 2nd Congressional District against Richard Neal.     I will fight to stop the growth of the federal government and will promote liberty as your next Congressman.  We need better jobs and less taxes – I will join Senator Brown in his efforts to restore the…

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Why do you want to Repeal Richard Neal?

Why do you want to Repeal Richard Neal? Over entire campaign, I have stated time and time again some of the reason why Richard Neal does not deserve another term in Congress. I have also shared with you my vision for bringing new ideas to Washington. Now, I want you to let me know why you think Richard Neal should…

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5 Town Hall Style Debates

My campaign team requested five town hall style debates with Congressman Richard Neal. Unfortunately for the voters of the 2nd Congressional District, they will not see their 22 year incumbent defend his record in 5 town hall debates. Richard Neal has not had an opponent in 14 years. The voters of the 2nd District deserve to hear from their 22…

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Richard Neal’s Filthy Five – #5 Cap-and-Trade

RMG Friends, Today, I began a five-part series on Richard Neal’s worst votes of the last two years. This week, I talk about his support of cap-and-trade. Best,



STARTS WITH HIS SUPPORT OF CAP-AND-TRADE HOPEDALE/Monday, September 27, 2010 –  Over the next five weeks, Tom Wesley will remind voters of Richard Neal’s abysmal…

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VIDEO: Inside Richard Neal’s Fundraising

Friends, Richard Neal has been in Congress for 22 years.  It’s time for Richard Neal to retire and we can help contribute to his Retirement Fund! Just a few examples of why Richard Neal should retire….    * Voted for final passage of the $787 billion stimulus that failed to create jobs or restore our economy    * Voted to…

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