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Tom Mountain is Chairman of the Newton Republican City Committee, one of the largest and most active Republican Committees in the state. He was a weekly conservative columnist for the Jewish Advocate (2007-12), the Newton TAB (2002-09), and has written for The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Wall Street Journal, among others. He is a founder of the Newton 9/11 Memorial, and has given keynote speeches for Newton Veterans Day, Salute to Vietnam Veterans, the Newton 9/11 Commemoration, as well as numerous speeches as a columnist for the the TAB Newspapers and Jewish Advocate. He is currently a candidate for State Committee.

January 20, 2017

The man of the moment strode through the long Capitol corridor with boundless energy, preempting the gushing crowd to clear a path, lest they be bowled over by the man in a big hurry to assume the reins of power. At long last he had arrived. It was a moment for which they had waited eight long years. He was…

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