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Chairman, Reading Republican Town Committee Constitutional Conservative As a son of NH, I choose to Live Free or Die

Beneficiary of Rigged System says System Rigged.

During her convention speech, Elizabeth Warren claimed the “system is rigged” against the middle class. One could certainly argue that Affirmative Action is government-sanction rigging of the system. And Warren owes her career to that rigged system.… In a 1994 interview, then-Harvard Law School dean Robert Clark said his institution was actively applying an affirmative action policy to hiring…

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What is Hudak Thinking?

It appears that Bill Hudak has been waging a write-in candidacy against Richard Tisei since June. Let’s not have him squeak through because of low turnout. If you live in the 6th Congressional District get out and vote for Tisei this Thursday, 9/6. One of the best shots we have of flipping a seat and this guy is trying to…

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A 10 minute speech that could be a very big deal.

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) In the 9pm hour tonight Sher Valenzuela, an unknown lieutenant-gubernatorial candidate from Delaware, will be speaking to the Convention. Jim Geraghty tells us why. This woman’s story could do wonders for Republican prospects in November if it gets big play. I hope someone posts a video of this speech.… If you’re…

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New Massachusetts health care “reform” gets national attention (and not the good kind)

(The reviews are coming in on Jones-Patrick Care and they are not good. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)… In reality, Patrick’s new law will restrict patient access to vital medical treatments and squeeze a hospital system that’s already in dire financial straits. Insurers and large hospitals in Massachusetts will also have to pay $225 million in surcharges…

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What the Hell!

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This is the most important election in a generation. What is going to be reported about the Mass GOP (if anything)? That the state party is throwing out elected delegates to the national convention and an RTC is suing one of its candidates for Congress. That the senate minority leader may not…

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DEA Gone Wild

Fisrt Justice’s ATF runs guns to Mexican drug cartels. Now Jutice’s DEA is comandeering private property without the owner’s knowledge to traffic marijuana. Who says the government isn’t too big.… This Houston Chronicle story is terrifying:
   The phone rang before sunrise. It woke Craig Patty, owner of a tiny North Texas trucking company, to vexing news about Truck…

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