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Chairman, Reading Republican Town Committee Constitutional Conservative As a son of NH, I choose to Live Free or Die

How to fight collective bargaining?

I’m throwing this out there to all RMGers who have been involved in collective bargaining sessions and can provide insight on how best to limit the fiscal damage these agreements do to a municipality. What are the realistic chances that taking a hard-line will work? How did Springfield get their unions to allow the city to use the GIC for…

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Municipal elections are important too.

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The Reading School Committee just approved the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, up by $350,000 over last year even though a level-funded budget was called for. It will be incorporated into an overall town budget to be voted on at the end of April by Town Meeting Members. There are local…

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Why no love for Hudak?

I haven’t seen much/any commentary on Hudak’s run against John Tierney. I’d vote for a rock instead of Tierney, as I’m sure many here would. Is there little North Shore representation from the posters at RMG? This race seems to be garnering little interest. There are a lot of Republicans up this way that would love to get rid of…

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