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Chairman, Reading Republican Town Committee Constitutional Conservative As a son of NH, I choose to Live Free or Die

4th Generation Warefare

http://sipseystreetirregulars…. This is a very long post by Mike Vanderbaugh, one of the bloggers who broke the Fast & Furious scandal. For those who think American gun owners will quietly give up their rights, Vanderbaugh offers a warning to what COULD happen as a result. Tyrants beware. 4th Generation Warfare: How the next civil war will be fought.

“Direct military…

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Paging Paul Ferro

Paul, I’m curious about something. You have stated repeatedly over the past few weeks that young people are considerably more pro-life because of the advances in technology. They can see that person via 3d ultrasounds and such. With that point being conceded, do you have any data that shows a follow-up question like, “Since you’ve indicated you are pro-life, do…

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What gives MassGOP?

This is short and to the point. So RTCs and RCCs are not supposed to endorse a candidate in a contested primary, right? So how come State Committee members are actively working for candidates and are sometimes paid staffers of campaigns? What’s up with that? Am I the only one to think that’s a little unseemly and hypocritical?…

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A Thought Experiment

(I know Rick Green has stated he would commit to six years as chair. Not sure about Kirsten’s thoughts on that. does anybody know? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The MassGOP seems to go through a new Chairman every election cycle. As a thought experiment, wouldn’t it be something if the next Chair actually wanted to stay in…

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Questions for RMG: Local Committee Donations

So there’s a race to replace my State Committeeman who has stepped down. It’s split basically along the lines of who’s running for Chair. One guy supports Green, the other supports Hughes. I’ve received emails and robo-calls from each. If they donated to the RTCs in the district, THAT would get my attention. And the voices on the robo-calls? Have…

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The Opposite of Big Government

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the Republican branding issue and how independents and moderates view our party. One thing that keeps sticking in my mind is a passage from Mark Steyn’s book, After America: The opposite of Big Government is not small government, but Big Liberty. Republicans keep hammering on the small government message. But when a larger…

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edfactor, You’re Not Alone

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)… Ironically, the institution in which conservatives had their greatest success is the one most besieged by conservatives today: the Republican party. To listen to many grassroots conservatives, the GOP establishment is a cabal of weak-kneed sellouts who regularly light votive candles to a poster of liberal Republican icon Nelson Rockefeller. This…

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