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Chairman, Reading Republican Town Committee Constitutional Conservative As a son of NH, I choose to Live Free or Die

I can’t BELIEVE we’re doing this again!

So I wrote the following in 2013. Sadly, given that we’re having this intra-party fight again, I feel the need to repost it. “What is the one thing that can unite the MassGOP? Hint: It starts with “R”. We just had our monthly RTC meeting this past Wednesday, and our State Committeeman was there to give us an update from…

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The culture war cannot be won in the political (legal) arena.

(Thought provoking – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) http://www.theamericanconserva… It seems like every single person’s announcement that he is running for office is accompanied by the corresponding “he’s not a REAL Republican” because of X, Y, or Z. Most of the arguments come down to the person’s stance on cultural issues, the social issues, if you will. This is…

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An Appropriate Topic For What’s Taking Place in the State Senate

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)… The Minimum-Wage Myths

The arguments in its favor are emotional appeals and distortions of economic reality. The perennial fight over the minimum wage is once again in bloom, and the usual arguments will be rehearsed on both sides. Those against raising the minimum wage will cite Economics 101: Raise the price…

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Hello, Establishment Republicans, this is what Conservative leadership looks like.… In The Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk observed that “conservatives inherit from [Edmund] Burke a talent for re-expressing their convictions to fit the time.” That is precisely what the conservatives of the late 1970s did. The ideas that defined and propelled the Reagan Revolution did not come down from a mountain etched in stone tablets. They were forged in an…

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