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Blood and War

Why are my elected representatives (Capuano) and paid employees (Noel, Dept. of Labor) of our state calling for violence and war against me?… Is this proper behavior for State Officials and Employees? Let us fire you first then you can begin the illegal violence.  That way your pension won’t be in jeopardy…

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Conservatives Showed!

Janet Wu grossly overestimated both Union and Conservative turnout as 100’s of Tea Partiers and 1000’s of Union members. Conversations with attendess and my own observations: 380-450 Union Members

90-110 Conservatives 20-25% for a counter rally is excellent. If we had all been wearing similar t-shirts it would have really put an exclaimation point on our  great turnout.   I…

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I Want Your Body!

(Make every attempt to be in Boston tonight.  I’m trying my best. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Union membership is 14.5% in Massachusetts and they own you, your family, and this state.  They have been the loudest minority for 60 years. You can change this by meeting with us at Park Street at 4:00 pm today. This is…

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Now is the Time to Be Heard and Seen

PATRIOTS! And Armchair and Couch Conservatives! Your Country and Commonwealth Needs You!

(TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2011) Public rallies are being held in conjunction with dozens of national rallies that are occurring over the next 48 hours to send a message to our state and federal government that the people are in charge of the government and the elected leaders and…

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Congressional Debate Tonight! 6pm NECN

(I will Re-Promote at 6 PM.  We will use this as our Open Thread. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Editor’s Note *** This be be played again at 8:00 on NECN *** – Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie Edited to embed video.  HT:  chrismatth The four Republican Primary candidates Robert Hayden, Raymond Kasperowicz, Joseph Malone and Jeffery Perry go head to…

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Congressional Debate Tonight! 7pm WATD 95.9

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) The Leaugue of Women Voters/WATD 95.9 FM and PACTV are sponsoring a debate tonight. The Republicans come on at 7pm followed by Dems at 8:05 pm. Ray Kasperowicz, Bob Hayden, Joe Malone, Jeff Perry round out the field for the Republicans. It should be an interesting hour to say the least.…

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