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Republicans Praise Obama for Offering Bold Vision to Thwart

I thought you folks might appreciate ANDY BOROWITZ  this morning. Now all you have to do is prioritize which idea to thwart first!! WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)-Congressional Republicans heaped fulsome praise on President Obama’s second Inaugural Address today, saying that it had given them a detailed list of things to thwart over the next four years.

“My big fear was…

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How do we respond to this post on BMG?

(While Warren’s people are holding signs, Brown’s team are knocking on doors all across the state, and making phone calls.  Let them believe what they want. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) I confess I check into BMG every day, as do many of us.   And this post reflected my worries about the lack of visability, although I…

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UPDATED Again!! An Apology — Shame Shame Shame Stupid Stupid Stupid Brown staffers

Updated with — finally– an apology sort of, but a good move I think  8:43 p.m. | Updated   BOSTON — Senator Scott P. Brown’s campaign issued a statement Wednesday evening saying he “regrets” what he called “unacceptable” behavior by some staff members who participated in the tomahawk chops and Indian war whoops at a campaign rally.  He also issued…

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Account of Romney’s Bain departure has evolved

This is really disappointing. Perfectly legal to deposit your personal accounts out of the Country is is one thing. Actually fudging the facts is another. From today's Globe But until his run for governor — and even before that campaign was underway in earnest, when he needed to prove sustained connections to Massachusetts in order to ward off a ballot…

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Rob -When are you going to comment on long awaited Breibart Video

I mean it seems to have been a bit of a letdown from all my non hysterical sources. The Washington Post seems to have a rather straight forward narritive. “Turns out these “tapes” were online the whole time, via “Frontline,” that nationally renowned organ of the mainstream media. In a posting yesterday, Frontline explained: “In 2008, as a…

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UPDATE !! Red Mass NOT Boring anymore!! Thanks Dan and Rob

tired of reading our new Chair’s unity speech(s) and newsletters from Pioneer..   Donald Trump appeared today on his regularly scheduled Monday morning Fox and Friends segment and fought back against critics who have vocally railed against plans for the self-proclaimed billionaire and reality show television host to moderate a GOP debate sponsored by Newsmax, a conservative media outlet. A…

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