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Rick Santorum lies about Specter?

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Disclaimer: I never liked this guy. Don;t like Romney much, either. But last night, when Romney accused Santorum of being responsible for Obamacare because he supported Arlen Specter in his primary fight in 2004, Santorum stated that he did so because he exacted a promise from Specter to support all of the…

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Sale Tax Holiday? Don’t Do Us Any Favors!

Hey great, another supposed sales tax holiday! When is it? Well, maybe August 13-14, but we won’t really know because both the House and Senate need to vote on it. Anyone here work in retail? My wife does. Furniture sales at Crate & Barrel. Know how much business she’ll do between now and the 13th? None. Because everyone thinks they’ll…

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