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The Problem with Education in Massachusetts

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I have been through a broad range of experiences with education. I am a product of the New York State school system: parochial school through Grade 6, then public high school, then private college for my Bachelor’s. In Massachusetts, I continued with a state school for one Masters and a private school for the…

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A Challenge for Mass Republicans

( – promoted by Cool Cal) This is a challenge I sent to my fellow State Committee members a few days ago. Now I’d like to issue it here… There’s certainly been some interesting chit chat in the press about how well we party activists are or are not doing our jobs. – Some say we Republicans have no support.…

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State Committee’s new PR Committee

(The state committee wants YOUR input.  Let er rip! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Based on BrocktonDave’s comments to Matt’s post about the new Issues Committee of the MassGOP, guess now’s a good time to mention that I (Shari Worthington) have just been appointed Chair of the State Committee’s PR Committee. We have 15 really good people on the committee…

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Third Congressional District Caucus Results

We had 89 voters in the caucus for the 2008 RNC convention in Minneapolis. Thanks to the Attleboro RTC for hosting and to former State Committeeman Peter Lukes for moderating. Here are the results: Delegates


State Rep. Betty Poirier (Romney)

State Rep. Karyn Polito (Romney)

State Committeeman Brent Andersen (McCain) Alternates


State Committeewoman Linda Jewel (Romney)

John Jewel…

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What They Don’t Tell Us About the 2009 State Budget

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Normally I don’t like to cross-post, but Reps. George Peterson and Lew Evangelidis were in top form yesterday and were on a tear. Here’s my report. I attended Saturday’s Lincoln Day Luncheon hosted by the Women’s Republican Club of Worcester County. Good turnout, including the presence of several of our outstanding state legislators: Minority…

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