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The Cell 100 Project: Getting to the Bottom of Phone Taxes

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback since the Boston Globe article (which is up to 60 comms 🙂 So we’re officially launching THE CELL 100 PROJECT. This is a detailed analysis of the cell phone taxes and fees on our wireless bills. It’s time to root out what’s really going on. We know there are egregious taxes on bundled phones…

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Worcester Tea Party Pics, Pork Roast Next?!

Pictures of the Worcester Tea Party keep flowing in from all over the county. Thanks to all who contributed. Btw, what’s with the horrendous pork being piled on to Gov Patrick’s budget?… House lawmakers have already larded a $27.4 billion state budget with dozens of pork-barrel amendments totaling millions of dollars despite a crippling economy – including one $150,000…

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Worcester Tea Party Details

Join us at the Worcester Tea Party. Bring sings, friends, and family. Make your voice heard about burdensome taxes, overspending politicians, and our disappearing economic freedom. Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lincoln Square

Worcester, MA The program: Full regiment fife and drums

Ken Mandile, small business owner, event organizer (Oxford)

Senator Scott Brown (Wrentham)

Mike Potaski, veteran (Uxbridge)

Rep. George…

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Worcester Tea Party 4/15

(Insert Tea Bag Joke Here – promoted by garrett3000) The big central Mass tea party is in Worcester. We’ve got hundreds of confirmed attendees already and won’t be surprised if we have lots more. Worcester Tea Party

April 15, 2009


Lincoln Square, Worcester This is a family-friendly event. Bring signs, friends, and family. We’ve got singers, giveaways, and a…

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MassGOP and Social Issues

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting to Yahoo group threads, so I thought I’d pull a recent topic over here. There’s been discussion about Jennifer Nassour’s interview in Bay Windows and what that means about the MassGOP’s support for social issues. I won’t name names unless the participating parties want to raise…

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