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Political Death to oppose Obamacare

Rob has finally figured out what Obamacare is really for: force young people to pay into the health care system to subsidize medical care for the old and sick who don’t want to pay what their insurance really should cost. Obama has simply forced the young to pay into a system they don’t really need. The shutdown is a joke…

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Get rid of the non-compete

I am reading Walter Isaacson’s doorstop biography of Steve Jobs. As he is being kicked out of Apple in the mid-80s, Jobs decides to form another computer company (NeXT) and takes five top performers from the Macintosh team with him. This could not happen in Massachusetts because of the enforcability of non-compete clauses here. It is a major block on…

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Obama deserved to win

The people have spoken. Barack Obama is coming back for another term. Here are a list of excuses: The people are dumb.

The media didn’t pay attention to Bengazi.

The Democrats are more clever.

Romney is dumb.

The people are duped into voting against their interests. But really after a year of examination, don’t you think we got a pretty…

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How to succeed in politics

After goin’ through the apprenticeship of the business while I was a boy by workin’ around the district headquarters and hustlin’ about the polls on election day, I set out when I cast my first vote to win fame and money in New York City politics. Did I offer my services to the district leader as a stump-speaker? Not much.…

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