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Baker Endorsed By Democrats, But Not Trusted By Republicans

Recent reports by the Associated Press state that 10 Massachusetts Democrat City Mayors have officially endorsed the reelection of Governor Charlie Baker. The Democratic Party Mayors of Springfield, Revere, Fall River, Fitchburg, Woburn, Newburyport, Lawrence, Lowell, Westfield, and Braintree have all endorsed our not so “Republican.” To be frank, such endorsements by elected Democratic Party officials only serve as further…

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Beaty Opposes Pending New Tax on Short-Term Private Home Rentals

The “Beacon Hill Gang” (including my tax and spend Sept. 4th Republican Primary opponent, Randy Hunt) are once again salivating at the thought of getting their greedy hands on your money. Don’t let them do it! Presently in a state of limbo, the pending tyrannical tax on short-term private home rentals is naively short-sighted. Moreover, it is excessively burdensome upon…

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State Rep. Randy Hunt & Gov. Charlie Baker Have Betrayed The Republican Base!

Like Governor Charlie Baker, my September 4th GOP Primary Election opponent, 5th Barnstable District State Representative Randy Hunt, has completely betrayed the Republican base! They are both Democrats masquerading as Republicans! With Hunt, his lack of addressing important matters like school safety, and his abysmal legislative voting record on significant issues like tax increases, erosion of 2nd Amendment Rights, immigration…

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