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Twitter Feed from SC Meeting

Tonight’s GOP State Committee Meeting promises to be a barn burner. I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and doing some last minute things to get ready.  But there are people there, including Paul Ferro, and Michael Cowett who are tweeting. Here are their tweets.

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Republican Legislators Sit in Seats, Allow Dems to Spend 4.8B on Voice Vote

Last Thursday, according to the State House News Service Bob DeLeo said the, “Republicans agree to everything. Speaker DeLeo stepped up to the rostrum again and addressed the interns. He said, It’s just that easy. Paul Donato takes over and it just gets done. Republicans agree to everything. By the way, the other folks here, the court officers, those folks…

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MCFL PAC endorses Mark Fisher

Today the Massachusetts Citizens for Life PAC endorsed Mark Fisher, calling him the most pro-life candidate in the race. For Immediate Release           Statement by Madeline McComish, Chairman, MCFL State PAC, June 19, 2014, Boston “Today the MCFL State PAC announces its endorsement of Mark Fisher in his quest for Governor. “MCFL PAC believes that all…

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Political Speech Costs Money, Therefore Money is Speech

During a Twitter exchange with State Senator Jamie Eldridge, a former business associate of mine Gustavo Quiroga chimed in with a photo purportedly to show that speech does not take money. @Robeno @JamieEldridgeMA Yes, that long American history of political free speech requiring money to pay for it. — Gustavo Quiroga (@GooseQ) June 18, 2014 The problem is that…

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