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Will Massachusetts Election Day be Turned Into a Two Week Election?

In addition to the 16 year old voter preregistration we reported on yesterday, the election law conference committee report also includes provisions for an 11 day early voting period and streamlined absentee voting.  Current Massachusetts Constitutional law requires a voter to affirm, under penalty of perjury, that s/he will not be in their municipality to vote during the hours the…

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House to vote on $114.7M supplemental budget today

The Massachusetts legislature is set to vote on another $114.7M in supplemental expenditures today in formal session.    The legislation outlines expenditures requested by Governor Deval Patrick.   In the bill is: * $34,128,000 in additional expenditures for the Committee for Public Counsel services, * $50,000,000 for the Group Insurance Commission, * $526,380 for Veterans Services, * $10,400,000 for the…

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Full Slate of GOP State-wide Candidates Qualifies for Ballot Pre-Primary for First Time Since 1998

The Massachusetts Republican Party has confirmed with Red Mass Group that a full slate of state-wide candidates will qualify for the ballot for the first time since 1998.  Despite a report by the Boston Globe all candidates have enough certified signatures to qualify for the ballot, including Brian Herr for U.S. Senate and John Miller for Attorney General. In addition…

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