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Election Night Coverage via Herald Radio

I will be updating results and observations here. If you want real time results listen to the Herald Radio Player below. It is 8:00 and the polls have closed. Not looking good for Scott Brown.   If you get results for state rep candidates and state senate put em in the comments. Parts of Burlington MA are in and Baker…

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Hedlund and Former National Commander of the American Legion Set Record Straight on Illegal Housing

There has been a huge push back by Democrats against the truthful mailers sent out by MassFiscal on the illegal immigrant housing vote.  The former National Commander sets the record straight. From a press release. Quincy, MA – As the issue of illegal immigrants accessing state subsidized public housing has taken the forefront in a number of South Shore legislative…

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Hilary at Martha Rally: You Still Didn’t Build That

At yesterday’s Martha Coakley Rally in boston, Hillary Clinton channeled her inner Elizabeth Warren.  Clinton told the crowd, “don’t let anybody tell you “corporations and businesses create jobs.”  Here listen for yourself. These people have gone from being “liberals” to communistss.  It is that simple.   The choice on November 4th is very clear.  …

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