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Obama’s Teleprompter Hits The Campaign Trail

  It appears Barack Obama's teleprompter is hitting the campaign trail…But the Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday — making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo, where the prompter was set up in the middle of what is normally a rodeo ring. — CNN Not a surprising staging for the Obamessiah, seeing that…

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Obama Attempts To Undercut Iraq Success

(Can someone please Barack he’s not the President… – promoted by Cool Cal) In what can only be described as a self serving plot to secure his own presidential victory , Barack Obama pleaded with Iraqi government officials to delay U.S. troop withdrawals until after the November elections. Today’s New York Post reports: While campaigning in public for a…

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Will Catholics Vote Their Conscience?

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Is the belief in the sanctity of life, faith, and family enough to get Catholic voters to vote their conscience in November?  A new video released by The Thomas More Law Center is making this pitch to Catholics.   It may be working.  A blog posting at contained this interesting data.  …

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