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Bay Windows on Aloisi appointment

This popped up on my Google Reader earlier today. Hmm… Controversy overshadows historic nature of Aloisi appointment

by Ethan Jacobs

staff reporter

Bay Windows – Wednesday Dec 24, 2008 On Dec. 19 Gov. Deval Patrick made an historic appointment, naming James Aloisi, an attorney at Goulston and Storrs, as his secretary of transportation. When Aloisi is sworn in next month…

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The Right Gifts

A new history of conservative philanthropy offers a timely message. By Daniel J. Flynn

City Journal – 12 December 2008 Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement, by Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson (Regnery, 248 pp., $27.95) Why did the late Paul Newman’s philanthropy get better press than Richard Mellon Scaife’s? Because liberal philanthropists are altruists, while conservative…

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Young Republicans, Blue About the Prospects Ahead

Gen-Nexters Are Feeling Left Out of the Party By Krissah Williams Thompson

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 22, 2008; Page C01 David All glanced around Top of the Hill bar and saw the future of the Republican Party. It looked dim. A who’s who of young conservatives had gathered, but they were few, and they were frustrated. Here were…

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The case of the vanishing GOP voter

The case of the vanishing GOP voter

By Eric Fehrnstrom

The Boston Globe – December 17, 2008 An organization beset by declining market share is in need of radical restructuring. Meanwhile, it’s desperately looking for someone, anyone, to bail it out of its current predicament. One of the Detroit automakers? No, the national Republican Party. Continued…

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Bush and the Jews

By Ron Radosh

December 17th, 2008 10:55 am On Monday night, my wife and I attended President George W. Bush’s annual Chanukah party at the White House.  Although other Presidents have held menorah lighting ceremonies, President Bush and his wife were the first to hold a party to celebrate the occasion.  And it was quite a party-600 people replete with…

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Mitt Romney aides start agency

By Thomas Grillo

Boston Herald – Saturday, December 13, 2008 Three of former Gov. Mitt Romney’s staff have started a political consulting agency that will launch next year. Eric Fehrnstrom, Peter Flaherty and Beth Myers have filed with the Secretary of State William Galvin’s office to form the Shawmut Group. The Lexington-based firm will provide political consulting, issues management and…

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