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How Republicans Can Reconnect with Independents and Win in the Northeast Again

( – promoted by Cool Cal) John Avlon –

Monday, January 19, 2009 9:09 PM The 2008 election showed Republicans playing to an ever-shrinking base and in the process of becoming a regional party, without a single congressman in the entire region of New England – the party’s historic home. Ten years ago, before the Bush/Cheney/Rove/DeLay-era, centrist Republican congressmen…

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Mass. debt will do us in

Add to that a pension crisis By Eric Fehrnstrom

The Boston Herald – Monday, January 19, 2009 Recent headlines from Massachusetts tell a depressing tale – “Jobless numbers increase,” “State revenues plummet.” The time is ripe for bold leadership on the economy and budget. I tuned in to Gov. Deval Patrick’s State of the State speech last week expecting a…

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David Frum: How the GOP Can Rise Again

(Read more from Frum on his new site – promoted by Cool Cal) There’s no need to abandon basic Republican principles. Instead, just cool the scorched-earth rhetoric and focus on reclaiming the educated middle class. By David Frum | NEWSWEEK

Published Jan 17, 2009

From the magazine issue dated Jan 26, 2009
A generation ago, the great majority of…

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Next-Generation Conservative Web Site Launches on Inauguration Day

Democrats beware: GOP heavy hitters and new conservative voices join editor David Frum for reform and renewal WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 PRNewswire — The inaugural event for Republicans on Jan. 20 will not be the swearing-in of President Barack Obama; it will be the launch of NEWMAJORITY.COM (, a new voice for conservatives determined to renew and reform the Grand Old…

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