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Green Party candidate has about nine times the money of CHRISTY

What’s increasingly disturbing about the race for governor in Massachusetts is the fact that there is a needless distraction. In politics, we need to be practical and realistic.  As Republicans, we just learned yesterday that when we are UNITED and put forward SERIOUS candidates, there is NOTHING WE CAN’T do to take back our country and make government efficient and…

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Scott’s victory is only the beginning.

Scott Brown’s victory is HUGE and well deserved, and we should be excited about how it will lead to even other victories. I think this will further advance the strength of our GOP governor candidate Charlie Baker, and also encourage candidates to run for treasurer and AG. Scott earned this win with his grace and hard work and good demeanor.…

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Herald suggests that BROWN win will give us the GOVERNOR’s office.

The Boston Herald had a great article Sunday on how SCOTT BROWN’s win will affect the governors race.  Reporter Dave Wedge writes – “Patrick insiders say the governor’s campaign people are horrified by Brown’s surge, considering that Patrick is facing a candidate eerily similar to Brown in Republican health-care honcho Charlie Baker, not to mention a well-funded moderate Democrat in…

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