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The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.

Fall Political Season Starts with a Bang

It’s been a busy week in Massachusetts conservative electoral politics. Earlier this week we launched the first three of our new video ads targeting incumbent Democratic state legislators for their votes to raise their own pay by a whopping 40%. You can view an example here, and there are more to come this week! On Monday, the New Boston…

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First Three Pay Raise Ads Launch

The Massachusetts House of Representatives came back after their summer recess yesterday, to override gubernatorial vetoes and add more spending to an already bloated state budget. They added $275 Million dollars to the bottom line, placing our state budget further out of balance. You’ll recall back in January one of the first actions of the legislature was to give themselves…

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Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Petitions Are In

The petitions for the signature drive to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion are here! You might recall that we’re helping with a signature drive to place this issue on the ballot. Many Massachusetts voters don’t even know that their tax dollars fund abortions, essentially serving as corporate welfare for a bloated and unethical abortion industry. The CEO of Planned Parenthood…

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A Busy End to the Summer

With Labor Day just around the corner, the legislative season is resuming and the campaign season is heating up. Coalition staff and volunteers have been hard at work, meeting with new conservative candidates, and training new activists. Over 100 people attended our signature trainings in four different parts of the state last week, and we’re off to a great start…

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Candidates Wanted!

If you’ve watched the local news, you’ve heard a lot these past few weeks about federal candidates for office. Geoff Diehl and Beth Lindstrom are running for US Senate, and Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas is retiring. Various state senators are expressing interest in potentially running for her seat, and others in running for their seats. Now is also the time to…

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Gov. Baker Blinks on MassHealth

While the summer recess for the legislature is just beginning, so is the debate regarding MassHealth (Medicaid). The Governor has accepted the legislature’s revenue-without-reform proposal regarding MassHealth for the time being, declining to veto their tax hike on employers in order to encourage them to also enact reforms. For more background and a recommendation for a better course of action,…

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