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Was it me or was that speech horrible ??

(He knows he went to war without the consent of Congress, he knows that even George Bush did that. He knows he’s in damage control. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) I tried to listen to The Presidents’ speech as an American wanting to hear why we did what we did in Libya. Considering that he and his party…

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Does it Matter if I Have Voted ?

I was sent this story link on Friday. Since then, I have spoken to some folks about the story. Some feel it does matter to them if a person, who wishes to gain support for their candidacy, has been registered to vote and actively taking part in the process of voting. A couple of people also expressed concern at how…

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Robo Calls for Baker – Already ??

When I got home yeserday and checked the answering machine, the voice said, ” Hi, this is Mitt Romney “. Now at this pont, I expected him to say he was calling in support of Scott Brown.

Nope, He was calling in support of Charlie Baker and wanted us to know that for our upcoming committee caucuses-HUH ?? Those are…

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The Angelic One for Lt Gov.

( – promoted by Cool Cal) The recent controversy over the Tisei pick by Charlie Baker has angered many in our party. But, those in favor of that pick have thrown down the gauntlet to the other side to field a candidate. Well, here is one, The Angelic One. He/she has the idepogy we need that reflects the Reagan/ Buckley…

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Poetic Justice for Mitt

It seems that the race may be down to two, but anything is possible. If so, then a scenario that may come true is interesting. Flash back to Romney/Rappaport. Mitt did not want Jim, so, even though Jim got the delegates, he lost the race. Most in part because of Mitt’s kick to the groin.

 Hmmmm, could it be Mitts…

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