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I can’t stop watching the demon sheep ad….

(Lesson 101 on how not to create a political ad. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) I don’t even have words to describe this political ad.  You have to stick around for the end – when the demon sheep arrives…. priceless.   I mean…what – it almost hurts to watch.  I know this has nothing to do with Massachusetts……

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Rham Emanuel – Lies – apology ‘not accepted’

Did you hear about this story? It is freaking classic.  

So Rahm Emanuel apparently called some liberal hacks ‘retarded’ – and it rightfully so made the Special Olympics people upset – they already are upset with the White House because Obama on the Jay Leno show (if you remember) called his bowling performance like he “was in the Special…

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@maryforauditor – Twitter request

For those of you who use Twitter. As of right now Mary Connaughton who is running for Auditor only has 73 followers – let’s see if we can more than double that to 150 by the end of the week.   We can’t stop now with just one victory (though a totally awesome one!) – we need to keep up…

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RMG formatting

Am I the only one that is having trouble seeing all of RMG?  For some reason when it loads now the right column is cut off and I need to scroll over to read it.  I have tried this out on Chrome, Firefox and IE and they all have trouble.  Luckily Firefox lets me zoom out – but I can’t…

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