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Donald Trump for President??? Not So Fast

Donald Trump is talking about a possible run on the Republican ticket for US President.  He was on Fox News tonight talking about how very conservative he is. The thought of looking at the hairdo of his if he ever could get elected frightened me, so I thought I would check him out online.

I did a report of Donald…

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Keith Lepor Congratulates Vernon Harrison

Here is a comment on last night’s election results from Keith Lepor:
“Again, I would like to offer my congratulations to Mr. Harrison on his victory. I will continue to support the ideas of limited government and personal responsibility that are the corner stones of the Republican Party philosophy. The advancement of these ideals is central to the success our…

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Our Tax Dollars Paying to Aid and Abet Criminals

Here is a Commentary by Keith Lepor: Our Tax Dollars Paying to Aid and Abet Criminals Is it not against the law to aid and abet criminals in the commission of a crime? Well, not if you are the U.S. Federal Government.   Here in the U.S., your hard earned tax dollars are being shelled out to pay for a…

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Keith Lepor gets Boston Globe Endorsement

The Boston Globe today gave their endorsement for Republican candidate in the 9th congressional district to Keith Lepor as follows: “Of the two political newcomers vying for the Republican nomination in the 9th district, Keith Lepor, a photojournalist who has spent time in Afghanistan rates the edge over attorney (sic) Vernon Harrison”. Keith Lepor has a background as an international…

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