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Lest anyone claim censorship

Thor has been deleted as a user.  This is what he asked for, this is what I did.  Deleting a user deletes all their comments and posts.  That’s the way it is.  He isn’t banned and can come back anytime.…

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Understanding Coulter

There was a term that came into vogue a few years ago which describes Ann Coulter aptly, she is a “South Park” Conservative. A coinage of Andrew Sullivan’s, the South Park Conservative is, like the hit Comedy Central show from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, opposed to political correctness and more likely to ridicule than observe the guidelines of…

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RMG in the Phoenix

The Phoenix has picked up on the fact that we exist: Can Massachusetts’s newest conservative blog become a political sensation like liberal fave Blue Mass. Group? If shameless imitation has anything to do with it, absolutely! Please give the full blurb a read.  It lists many of the popular misconceptions that must exist in people’s minds and I’ll do my…

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Give me your tired, your poor….

…your treacherous murderers yearning to be free… From the Portsmouth Herald: His arrest on Friday was the third in Framingham since 2005 of an illegal Brazilian immigrant convicted of murder in Brazil, according to ICE. “These three treacherous fugitives were living openly in a suburban Massachusetts community,” Bruce Foucart, ICE special agent in Boston, told the newspaper. Now is…

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