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Hey Gov. Baker, Explanation Needed

Howie Carr’s latest column made a spectacular claim that Charlie Baker attended two separate Democratic fundraisers. It’s GOP Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker, in Westport Monday night, at a Democrat fundraiser, addressing a crowd of his fellow Beacon Hill hacks. Standing behind him is Senate President Stanley Rosenberg. Tall Deval had just vetoed the bill that increases the pay of…

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Nice Perks

Once again we see a double standard with how movements on the right are treated versus movements on the left. We’ve had annual Tax Day Tea Party protests on the Common. We’ve held a state convention in Boston. We even had an enormous immigration protest on Boston Common (largely ignore by the media). Over 5000 people showed up today at…

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Postponed: Google Hangout for Noon on Sunday

Update 1/14: Postponed due to technical difficulties. The topic will be “ways to inspire more people to run for office.” We will be trying a few new things here at RMG throughout the year to see what sticks and what doesn’t. First up is a Google Hangout. This will be open to the public (which I think means anyone can…

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