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Nice Perks

Once again we see a double standard with how movements on the right are treated versus movements on the left. We’ve had annual Tax Day Tea Party protests on the Common. We’ve held a state convention in Boston. We even had an enormous immigration protest on Boston Common (largely ignore by the media). Over 5000 people showed up today at…

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Postponed: Google Hangout for Noon on Sunday

Update 1/14: Postponed due to technical difficulties. The topic will be “ways to inspire more people to run for office.” We will be trying a few new things here at RMG throughout the year to see what sticks and what doesn’t. First up is a Google Hangout. This will be open to the public (which I think means anyone can…

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Sanctuary City Hardest Hit by Budget Cuts

It was disappointing to most when Charlie Baker came out in tacit support of sanctuary cities with his hands off policy. “I’ve said all along I think decisions about how communities want to manage public safety and community issues belong to them,” Baker said Wednesday morning. “It’s incumbent on our administration and congressional delegation to work hard to make…

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Time for a Poll

According to Hillary Chabot, conservatives are backing Baker. Bay State hardline conservatives are begrudgingly backing Gov. Charlie Baker for re-election in 2018 despite his vocal rejection of President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign — saying the moderate Republican is still better than a Democrat in the Corner Office. It appears to me that she isn’t presenting the full range of…

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Steve Aylward on NECN

Steve appeared on Sue O’Connell’s show The Take to talk about his run for Mass GOP chair. In the Trump era, does the Massachusetts Republican Party need new leadership? Sue’s guest is Steve Aylward, chairman of the Make Massachusetts Great Again PAC.…

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