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In-State Tuition Debate: Linda Dorecena Forry vs Marc Lombardo

( – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) From last night’s Greater Boston show.
Senator Linda Dorecena Forry (@ldforry), who wants to expand eligibility to many undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria, and Representative Marc Lombardo (@MarcTLombardo), who wants to restrict in-state tuition eligibility to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, discuss the debate over whether undocumented immigrants…

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In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens?

The College Dems make their case over at Blue Mass Group:
Statistics do not tell our story. Our sheer numbers don’t tell you anything about our experiences. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, races and distinctions creates an even more diverse context in which we live and make decisions. Our sacrifices of leaving our home countries unify all…

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Trump Wins First GOP Debate

The debate topic was illegal immigration.
An undocumented immigrant suspected of killing a woman at a San Francisco pier said he chose the city for its sanctuary policies — that is, he knew San Francisco was a good place to avoid deportation, he told ABC station KGO-TV. In an exclusive jailhouse interview, a KGO-TV reporter asked Francisco Sanchez, the…

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Hillary Clinton is Delaware

Hillary Clinton is not an exciting candidate. She wasn’t exciting the last time. She isn’t exciting this time. I’m apparently not the only one to notice this.
She’s no Obama. She’s not nearly as immediately likeable, captivating, hyper-articulate. She’s not a great orator, she doesn’t have much by way of magnetism or personal charisma (though she reportedly does have…

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