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Typical woman can keep a secret for 47 hours, 15 minutes.

Can’t argue with science.… Researchers found that women are overcome by a burning desire to share gossip as soon as they hear it. They will typically spill the beans to at least one other person in 47 hours and 15 minutes. In other news, the mother of the “balloon boy” spilled the beans on her husband.… Mayumi Heene…

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Got a question for Charlie? Make a copy.

After watching the past Conversation with Charlie, I imagined that the email Charlie Baker was sent must have looked something like this: From:

To: Subject: question for you Question from a concerned citizen….  How awesome are you?  If you

had to pick, are you kinda awesome, most awesome, or totally awesome?
The thought occurred to me, wouldn’t…

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Ford Hall Forum: Fall Lecture Schedule

Ford Hall Forum is a wonderful free lecture series.  Past lectures have been both interesting and unpredictable.  Who would have guessed that just before Garrett3000 got an opportunity to question Barney Frank about the economy that a shouting match would occur between the Congressman and 9/11 Truthers? Mark your calendars if you see anything of interest. Wendy Kaminer with…

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What Would Churchill Do?

( – promoted by DD4RP) There was an interesting article published a day ago at Salon that drags Winston Churchill into the healthcare debate.… Winston Churchill was a Bolshevik Guess who helped launch socialized healthcare in the U.K.? The ultimate conservative icon — and he was proud of it The argument isn’t very complex.  1) Conservatives love Churchill, 2)…

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