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Sometime political guy.

In Lowell, Charlie emphasizes “the key is compromise and bipartisanship”… Fresh off a statewide tour focused on economic opportunity last week, Charlie continued meeting with voters yesterday as he stopped at Lowell’s Olympia Restaurant. Meeting with local small business owners and employees, Charlie talked about the need for leadership in state government focused on compromise and getting things done. Charlie “discussed his economic initiatives to increase economic opportunity and…

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Massachusetts Democrat Pleads Guilty in NH Vote Fraud Case

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Only caught because someone’s “spidey sense” tingled.  Our system is a joke.  How much fraud goes undetected?… Schneider, who has been living in Massachusetts for about two decades, had been regularly returning to New Hampshire to vote during the First-in-the-Nation primary and presidential elections in Ward 9 in Manchester despite not…

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Clarifying Marty Walz’s Letter in Support of Maura Healey

I took the liberty of substituting “abortion” for the euphemism “women’s health.” The original letter explaining Planned Parenthood’s endorsement can be found at Blue Mass Group. From her first to last days working in the Attorney General’s office, Maura made abortion her priority – and she will continue to champion abortion when elected as Attorney General. Massachusetts needs an Attorney…

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