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Brown vs Robinson Debate Reactions.

(Here’s the debate in case you missed it. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) If you watched tonight’s debate between Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson then tell us your thoughts. Republican candidates for US Senate Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson square off in their first and only televised forum on the eve of the party primaries. [poll id=” 170…

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Absentee voting abuse scandal?

(Well Looky Looky, looks like Martha Coakley did the exact same thing.     This is much ado about nothing ALL CAMPAIGNS do this. Its politics 101 doesn’t even rise to the level of a sophomore course.
– promoted by EaBo Clipper) The folks at BMG are claiming that Scott Brown’s campaign is playing fast and loose with the absentee…

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Who here saw Glenn Beck’s movie?

Glenn Beck’s Christmas movie bombed.  How badly? In New York, Beck sold 17 tickets. In Boston, another 17. And in Washington, D.C., the hotbed of political activism, his tearful film drew only 30, Raw Story has found. Time to fess up. Who here was one of the 17 people in Boston who saw this movie? [poll id=” 166 “]…

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Typical woman can keep a secret for 47 hours, 15 minutes.

Can’t argue with science.… Researchers found that women are overcome by a burning desire to share gossip as soon as they hear it. They will typically spill the beans to at least one other person in 47 hours and 15 minutes. In other news, the mother of the “balloon boy” spilled the beans on her husband.… Mayumi Heene…

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Got a question for Charlie? Make a copy.

After watching the past Conversation with Charlie, I imagined that the email Charlie Baker was sent must have looked something like this: From:

To: Subject: question for you Question from a concerned citizen….  How awesome are you?  If you

had to pick, are you kinda awesome, most awesome, or totally awesome?
The thought occurred to me, wouldn’t…

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