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Rep. DeMacedo’s Impassioned Plea

February 2010 Dear Republican Leader, Scott Brown’s election to the US Senate was an exciting victory for Massachusetts Republicans.  It also taught us some valuable lessons which will make us a better and more successful party going forward. One of the lessons of Scott’s victory is that voters have had enough of nasty, negative campaigning.  Unfortunately, it seems that Christy…

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23 Years of Consciousness: A Fake.

In November there was a post to RMG concerning the amazing story of a Belgian man who was tragically misdiagnosed as being in a coma when in fact he was conscious the entire time.  The Guardian reports on recent developments showing that it was all a fraud: It seemed to be a medical miracle: the car crash victim assumed for…

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Coakley’s Downfall

(This was sent to us a few days before the election by the creator when he was still working on it. We thought it was funny because we’re familiar with the Downfall meme. We’ve seen them done for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Arsenal, etc. If somebody has done something really stupid there is probably a Downfall…

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