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Coakley’s Downfall

(This was sent to us a few days before the election by the creator when he was still working on it. We thought it was funny because we’re familiar with the Downfall meme. We’ve seen them done for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Arsenal, etc. If somebody has done something really stupid there is probably a Downfall…

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Part III of Carla Howell’s Warning to Tea Party Activists.

Conclusion: Warning to Tea Party Activists Even Tempted to Vote for Big Government U.S. Senate Candidate Scott Brown “A Vote for Ross Perot for President is a Vote for Bill Clinton,” said the 1992 Republican whisper campaign and robo-phone calls (launched by Bush (Sr.) Presidential Campaign operatives in 1992.) “A vote for Ron Paul for President is a vote for…

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Bank Fees: TD Bank (In)Convenience Checking

A little more than a year ago I was looking for a convenient way to get rid of spare change.  A TD Bank branch near where I live had a machine in the lobby that a person could just dump change into and deposit into an account.  Not expecting to use this account for much more than a place to…

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Debating the Debates

There was an impressive amount of output from the media this past week on Joe Kennedy, the libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate who will be on the ballot with Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. A Globe editorial on December 16th set the stage for a week long back and forth between the Globe and the Herald.  With their finger…

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Brown vs Robinson Debate Reactions.

(Here’s the debate in case you missed it. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) If you watched tonight’s debate between Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson then tell us your thoughts. Republican candidates for US Senate Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson square off in their first and only televised forum on the eve of the party primaries. [poll id=” 170…

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