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Coming Soon To A Police Department Or Sheriff’s Office Near You

Have you seen this?  Have you heard about this?… The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in suburban Houston, Texas is preparing to launch operations with a newly received Shadowhawk MK-III unmanned aerial vehicle, paid for by grant money received by the Department of Homeland Security. The MK-III also has more lethal options available, capable of carrying either a 40mm or…

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Wheel of Fish

Have you seen this?  Have you heard about this?… The Globe collected fish from 134 restaurants, grocery stores, and seafood markets from Leominster to Provincetown, and hired a laboratory in Canada to conduct DNA testing on the samples. Analyses by the DNA lab and other scientists showed that 87 of 183 were sold with the wrong species name –…

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Breaking News: Chris Christie Still Not Running

From Politico: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is officially not running for president, despite repeated wooing from Republican elites and major donors who remain unhappy with the GOP presidential field and have refused for months to take no for an answer. Christie’s emphatic no was reported by Fox News, as well as the Newark Star-Ledger, which quoted his brother…

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Is Mandarin an example of crazy spending?

My town has begun to spend it’s override money and some examples of outrageous spending have come to light.  A local email list alerted me to the fact that the high school has hired a full time Mandarin teacher.  Crazy, right? Everyone on the email list seems to agree it is crazy except for me.  I look at the Mandarin…

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Has Romney been reading too many Taliban press releases?

Can’t resist knocking Romney on this. 2008:… Romney drew mixed boos and applause from the audience when he criticized Texas Rep. Ron Paul for saying the United States must avoid another war. Romney said Paul had been reading “too many press releases by (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad,” the Iranian president. “Make fun buddy,” muttered a clearly irritated Paul. 2011:… When…

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A few interesting links.

Jon Stewart interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday… Military Drone Attacks Are Not ‘Hostile’… Former state senator who once battled Fluff quits advocacy job over new sticky situation… Popular Catholic Priest John Corapi Calls It Quits, Blasts Church Leaders On His Way Out… Mitt Romney receives ‘backing’ from Al Gore over climate change stance…

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