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New McCain Ad

( – promoted by Patrick) ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today released a new television ad, entitled “Tied Up,” to run in New Hampshire.  The new ad highlights John McCain’s classic line from the GOP debate this week in Florida opposing Senator Clinton’s attempt to spend $1 million in taxpayers’ money for a Woodstock Museum in…

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Republican Presidential Debate at 8pm – Open Thread

( – promoted by Patrick) From Wikipedia: October 21, 2007 – Orlando, Florida Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer announced that the Party will host a two-day event in October featuring major Republican candidates for President of the United States and culminating in a presidential debate. The debate, produced in partnership with the FOX News Channel, will be…

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Man Tasered at John Kerry Speech

This has been floating around. It is interesting to note what typically occurs when conservatives speak on campus. “Racist!” “Nazi!” “Murderer!” and “White Mother-f—er!” were among the epithets hurled my way as I attempted to speak. One man, innocent of such modern devices as toilet paper, dropped his pants and bared his unclean rear-end. Civility increased only slightly when another…

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3:10 to Yuma

Great movie.  I never saw the original movie, so I can’t comment on that aspect of it.  However, as a fan of the Western genre, this was an excellent film and well worth the price of ticket. Shootouts?  Yes.
Themes of redemption? Yes.
That Old West feel?  Absolutely. Go see it.  Support this quintessentially American genre (arguably done best…

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