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Are the Lynn Public Schools Engaging in Religious Discrimination?

The travails of Gordon College continue: The Lynn public school district this week severed an 11-year partnership with Gordon College, citing the college’s opposition to federal hiring protection for gays and lesbians. The move ended a partnership that had sent dozens of Gordon student volunteers into the city’s public schools. The decision by the Lynn School Committee on Thursday…

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Jeff Jacoby: Don’t Vote for Baker

Following soon after Howie Carr’s scathing column about Deval’s twin comes Jeff Jacoby, Baker’s friend at the Globe, instructing right-leaning unenrolled voters to skip the GOP primary.… Republican-leaning unenrolled voters have a compelling reason to vote in Democratic primaries: In this state, that’s where most of the action is. Now and then, the beleaguered Massachusetts GOP treats itself…

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The Boston Globe Endorses Charlie Baker

What an endorsement! I dare any Republican to question the soundness of the Globe’s reasoning. Always a supporter of abortion rights and gay marriage, Baker now takes pains to draw attention to his moderation on social issues. He’s not promising any big cuts, either to taxes or the budget. Times have changed, he says, and the state’s not bleeding…

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