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Charlie Baker’s Secret Weapon or Albatross?

Came across some interesting info concerning Charlie Baker’s inner circle: Get out of the way, you well-intentioned Republicans who somehow prevented or discouraged Charlie from being Charlie on the campaign trail four years ago. Get out of the way and make room for the big guy’s new messaging guru, Will Keyser, President of Keyser Public Strategies, 18 Tremont St., Boston.…

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Happy Caucusers Doing Their Happy Caucus Things

I’m having an unusually lazy Saturday and spending time looking at #mapoli on twitter.  It’s mostly filled with photos from all the Democratic caucus goers.  I spot this tweet from the Communications Director of the Mass Dems: No idea what he was talking about.  The Mass GOP hasn’t posted photos of anything that I could tell.  This tweet from the…

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State of the Altercate

I thought briefly about posting my thoughts on the State of the State and/or the State of the Union.  Why bother?  No one ever says it’s anything but strong, and the reply by the opposition says it’s anything but that.  Then there’s the whole spectacle made over it.  Jefferson was the first to deliver it in writing to Congress.  This…

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