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How Frank, Tim and Charlie

It’s clear that some people are feeling safe now that the election is behind them: The Bluest Republican.
During the summer border crisis, Baker endorsed housing migrant children in Massachusetts, to howls from the right wing. In the words of his spokesman, Tim Buckley, the campaign focused from the beginning on “showing he could say ‘screw you’ to the…

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Richard Neal May Face Lively Challenge

MassLive has the story: In a blog written for the conservative website BarbWire, Lively revealed that he is considering mounting a challenge to longtime Springfield Rep. Richard Neal, who is up for re-election in 2016. “The day after the November election I switched my enrollment from Independent to Republican and am contemplating a run for Congress against Richard Neal,”…

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“I’m not going to raise fees”

(Cross posted at That campaign promise ended quickly.

http://www.thevalleydispatch.c… Baker last week allowed dozens of fee increases, proposed by the Deval Patrick Administration, for recreational activities at state parks run by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to take effect. Hikes include an increase in camping fees from $15 to $22 per day for residents and from…

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Top Ten Posts of 2014

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    Politicians Supporting the “Buffer Zone” Should be Scorned Marty Walsh moves to annex Brookline Joe Malone Discusses Fisher vs MassGOP on Greater Boston Para Bellum: RNC ‘Prepares for War’ with new ‘startup’ More MassGOP Confusion: U.S. Senate Edition Mark Fisher on Broadside with Jim Braude Fisher on Broadside: MassGOP Faced with Criminal Proceeding? Juliette Kayyem’s telling favorite words:

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