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Hillary Clinton is Delaware

Hillary Clinton is not an exciting candidate. She wasn’t exciting the last time. She isn’t exciting this time. I’m apparently not the only one to notice this.
She’s no Obama. She’s not nearly as immediately likeable, captivating, hyper-articulate. She’s not a great orator, she doesn’t have much by way of magnetism or personal charisma (though she reportedly does have…

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Broadside: Religious Freedom Flummoxes Fenlon

Andrew Beckwith of MFI brought up a hypothetical that flummoxed Matt Fenlon (Executive Director of the MassDems).!/news/politics/Indiana-and-2016-Hopefuls/298531031 Can I use the power of the government to force a company to create a sign that runs directly counter to their sincerely held religious beliefs? To force a gay couple to print a sign that says marriage is always between a…

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Where Does Charlie Stand on Religious Freedom?

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) It probably wasn’t very surprising that Charlie Baker came out against Indiana’s religious freedom law.
Tim Buckley, communications director for Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, said in an email: “Governor Baker disagrees with the Indiana law and is proud that Massachusetts has been and will continue to be a leader on equality, but…

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It’s Never Enough

( – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) The St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers were perhaps too busy patting themselves on the backs at their inclusivity to notice that the formerly excluded are not content.
“The proof of the success of their decision will not be so evident this year, but next,” Scanlon said. “Will the Allied War Veterans Council…

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Congratulations to Chris Gabrielli

Former gubernatorial candidate Chris Gabrieli to chair Massachusetts Board of Higher Education During last year’s campaign, Gabrieli and his wife each gave maximum $500 donations to Baker’s Democratic opponent Martha Coakley and matching $5,000 donations to the Democratic Party. The Herald had something on this subject back in February: Critics say Charlie Baker hires not healing GOP “It’s not like…

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