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Is This a Thing?

This caught my eye. History is not my strong suit. It appears that someone is marching to the beat of a different drummer. I could be wrong, maybe this is not ahistorical  Or maybe this is this related to the Women’s March? Maybe it isn’t and it is a much more long standing thing? Like I said, it just caught…

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Healey 1, First Amendment 1

The First Amendent had a short lived lead over Maura Healey with the 8-0 Supreme Court decision against the “buffer zone” law she helped craft. Recent news of a settlement between the Commonwealth and an advertising firm acting on behalf of prolife activists means that Healey has scored a point, albeit not before a court, and the score is now…

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The Math Doesn’t Add Up

The keen eyed Iron Mike at the Rabid Republican Blog noticed a peculiar discrepancy in the media reports of Elizabeth Warren’s much ballyhooed event with Bernie Sanders. They’d bragged about a ‘SOLD OUT’ venue of 3,500;   but news reports suggest they barely drew 1,600. It’s true that the media did report some odd numbers. The number 1,600 was repeated a…

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