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Greater Boston: Sheriff Hodgson v. Rep. Cabral

From Jim Braude’s show last night: Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, an outspoken critic of sanctuary cities who offered to have some of his prisoners build the wall, and Representative Antonio Cabral, who filled today’s bills, joined Jim for a discussion on where the state immigration debate goes from here. In other news, the town of Arlington is the…

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Is This a Thing?

This caught my eye. History is not my strong suit. It appears that someone is marching to the beat of a different drummer. I could be wrong, maybe this is not ahistorical  Or maybe this is this related to the Women’s March? Maybe it isn’t and it is a much more long standing thing? Like I said, it just caught…

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Gomez Makes the Rumor Official

He’s mulling according to the Herald: “I’m still thinking about that (race) very hard,” Gomez, a Cohasset Republican, told reporters after an unrelated event at the State House. “I have been through this before, but it would be a different race, obviously because we have a lot more time than we did before. And I think we obviously learned a…

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Healey 1, First Amendment 1

The First Amendent had a short lived lead over Maura Healey with the 8-0 Supreme Court decision against the “buffer zone” law she helped craft. Recent news of a settlement between the Commonwealth and an advertising firm acting on behalf of prolife activists means that Healey has scored a point, albeit not before a court, and the score is now…

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